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Chapter 4: Talent Checks

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Chapter 4: Talent Checks

Post by Technoquantify on Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:29 am

Talents are another important aspect of your character. Talents are mainly used out of combat, so keep that in mind when you create your own. Talents are basically anything that doesn't suit a combat ability. Alchemy, Weapon and Armor Smithing, and Acrobatics are good examples. When writing down a Talent, format it as follows:
Talent Name [Current Rank/3]
For example, someone who is Rank 2 in Heartless Lore would write;

Heartless Lore [2/3]

The above are examples, but we encourage you to make up your own!

When using one of your talents, roll a d20 and add your rank in that talent. A Plot Team member will compare that to the task's Difficulty Class (DC). If your roll meets or exceeds the DC, you succeed the task and do whatever it was you were aiming to do. The degree to which you succeed is based on your rank in the talent. It's that easy!

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