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Chapter 3: Attributes

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Chapter 3: Attributes

Post by Technoquantify on Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:28 am

So, we've discussed races and ability trees, so now we get to attributes.

Attributes are equally as important, if not more important, than abilities. While your abilities determine how you can affect the world, attributes determine how adept you are at it. There are 9 attributes, which are listed and briefly explained below.

Strength: Physical might
Endurance: Stamina and constitution
Magic: Aptitude with the arcane arts
Agility: Quickness and flexibility
Mind: Overall intelligence
Senses: Awareness and perception
Charisma: Bending others with words
Will: How easily you are influenced by others and by your emotions.
Heart: Almost all abilities require expending a point of "Heart" to activate them.

Heart Trait: Your affiliation with Light, Darkness, or in a Nobody's case, Nothingness

All abilities start at 0. During character creation, you will have 7 Stat Points (SP) to spend on increasing your attributes. You must spend all of these points during character creation and you can't raise a stat higher than 3 during this time.

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