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Chapter 2: Ability Trees

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Chapter 2: Ability Trees

Post by Technoquantify on Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:27 am

Abilities are a major part of your character. They determine what kinds of things your character can do to affect the game world and everyone in it. Abilities are broken up into tiers, from Tier 6 to Tier 0. As the tier's number gets lower, the abilities in that tier become progressively stronger. A Tier 6 ability may do something like spit a ball of fire that explodes for minor Area of Effect (AoE) damage while dealing moderate damage to those at the epicenter of the blast. A Tier 0 ability, however, can cause untold devastation like creating a giant crater from the force of a powerful warhammer strike.

Creating Abilities
Players in Shattered Hearts create their own ability trees, ensuring that each and every character can have abilities all their own. It is our hope that every player tries to come up with abilities unique to their character. Hopefully, no two PvP (Player vs Player) scenarios will be the same!

Everything you need to create an ability tree is in the Character Creation forum, located here. The various ability tree rules are also there since they are different for every race.

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