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Chapter 1: Races

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Chapter 1: Races

Post by Technoquantify on Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:25 am

The first thing you will want to do is select a race. This gives you a racial trait as well as a drawback, save for Humans, who have neither a racial trait or a drawback.

Humans: Humans, or Somebodies as they're sometimes called, are animate beings with hearts and intelligence. They are the only race capable of wielding a true Keyblade.

Heartless: Sometimes, when a truly evil being willingly gives themselves over to the darkness, an Arch-Heartless is born. Capable of tapping into the dark powers with ease, Arch-Heartless are terrors on the battlefield.

Racial Trait: Immortality
When slain by a weapon other than a True Keyblade, a Heartless's heart sinks into the Realm of Darkness to be reborn after a random amount of time.

Drawback: Double damage from attacks with the "Light" element. Must take the "Darkness" Heart Trait.

When someone with a strong heart and will becomes a Heartless, they're heartless body begins to animate through sheer force of will. Rejected by the realms of light and darkness, they are doomed to an eternity of emptiness.

Racial Trait: Walker of Nothingness
The Nobody takes the "Nothingness" Heart Trait instead of "Light" or "Darkness". Therefore, they are unaffected by effects that target that Heart Trait. Additionally, a Nobody's "Heart" attribute is always 0 and cannot be raised by normal means.

Drawback: Nobodies are unaffected by the effects of support magic other than their own.

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