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Chapter 7: Equipment

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Chapter 7: Equipment

Post by Technoquantify on Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:42 am


Character weapons and armor are free at the start.

Weapon attack bonuses depend on a variety of factors; the weapon's group, talent bonuses, and any bonuses due to magic and/or superior craftsmanship. Weapon damage varies among different types of weapons. Damage dies range from d4 all the way up to d12. Below is a list of weapon types and information regarding them. Players can create their own weapons, so this is more of a guideline so you can figure out what the attack bonus and damage should be for your weapon. All created weapons cannot be magical, nor can they be masterworks. All stats must be base.

Remember that all melee weapons use Strength for their damage except for ranged weapons, which use Dexterity.


Group: Strength
Damage: 1d8

Group: Dexterity
Damage: 1d6

Group: Dexterity
Damage: 1d4


Group: Strength
Damage: 1d10

Group: Strength
Damage: 1d12

Group: Dexterity
Damage: 1d6+2
Range: 120

Group: Dexterity
Damage: 1d6
Range: 60

Throwing Weapon
Group: Dexterity
Damage: 1d6
Range: 40 ft

Example Weapon
Eternal Flames
Weapon Type: Chakrams (Throwing Weapons)
Attack Bonus: +DEX (+3)
Damage: 1d6+3
Range: 40ft

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